Citroen GT


Citroen GTIf you hear the name Citroen and French made automobile, you probably immediately think small, funky, "voted most likely to be eco friendly" green car.

We bet you are not thinking screaming wild exotic.

Don't be embarrassed for stereotyping --

Discernment is the reason why we learn to love or avoid types of cars (and yes, some are truly not worth owning).

*Cough* -- Renault

But THIS new French car has more than that certain Je Ne Sais Quoi that makes it's cute cousin so ride-through-the-countryside-and-tour-Paris-in-Spring so frickin' appealing.

THIS car is all that and a bowl of cherries when it comes to being fun looking and having future car lines present in ever feature of its design and styling.

But don't take our word for it...

Take a look at this hot new video release with photos of the new Citroen GT concept car.Citroen GT

It's sleek, sexy, unique, and 100% exotic in this stage of its development.





It's running a Ford V8 from what we can tell -- which is probably the same motor they usually run in the Ford GT (one of our American exotic classic favorites).

Suspicion is the engine is producing approximately 500 horsepower.

The initial reports say Citroen intends to produce 6 Citroen GT cars priced at roughly $1.8 million dollars a piece.

Citroen GTBut the news about the models they are testing right now is about to get better.

The manufacturers talked things over while meeting at some small outdoor cafe while drinking a few bottles of local wine and some French baguettes and they decided the weather outside was so nice and the quiet of the evening so lovely that they want to make an eco friendly version of this exotic sports car.

[Yes -- we made that part up about when they came up with the idea and why, but the rest of the story is 100% true and can be verified with a quick bit of Google searching.]




Originally, the design was inspired by a vehicle in a video game -- one we were not able to find the name. Auto engineers then brought the idea to ffruition by designing a real life concept car.

UPDATE 4/17: Joseph Eckhart, member of the Italianizzato Club, tells us the video game that inspired the design of the Citroen GT was Gran Turismo

In addition to the power rumors, there are rumors they are considering dropping in a 789 BHP X4 Hydrogen engine with a 6 speed sequential gearbox, which would truly make the Citroens one six pack of billy bad ass futuristic green exotics.

UPDATE 4/18: Jim Cherry reminds us that the Hydrogen engines Citroen GTstill take more energe to produce than the power they make, and John Matras agrees. However the emissions are cleaner than a carbon fuel based model and therefore green-er (if you are only considering a single manufacturer machine that is a finished product, without taking into consideration the carbon footprint of producing); more technological advances on the safe and environmentally responsible production of hydrogen fuels need to happen before any hydrogen car is 100% bright green. Untill then, we have to sadly say the Citroen GT is blue green only...




Who knew the cute little boxy French Citroen car company would be able to bring sexy back into the green exotics auto world in such a spectacular fashion?

Merci, Citroen for all things Verde -- keep thoset new techinology features and snappy design styles coming. We give you the green light to keep daydreaming about all things eco friendly.


Citroen GT