Ferrari SUV 2010

Ferrari SUV 2010Your eyes are not deceiving you – this SUV has a prancing horse on the bonnet. In a move set to cause a stir across the world, Ferrari is considering putting its famous name to a rival for the Porsche Cayenne.
Called project F151, the prospect of a Ferrari SUV will cause uproar with car enthusiasts across the globe. However, the firm’s bosses have watched the success of Porsche’s 4x4 with interest, and want to increase profits.

With a practical interior, estate car luggage capacity and rough-road ability, the model would open the Ferrari range up to a huge new customer base. Still in its early stages, the project is yet to be given the green light by bosses nervous of tarnishing Ferrari’s legendary brand image. Our shots shows what the classy off-roader could look like in showroom-ready trim. At around five metres long and two metres wide, the jacked-up Ferrari would offer luxurious transport for five passengers to travel in style.

While designers face the challenge
Ferrari SUV 2010of making the Ferrari beautiful, engineers have to make it live up to the firm’s dynamic reputation. Powerplants are yet to be finalised, but it’s thought that the Ferrari will be offered with a choice of V8 and V12 engines from the firm’s existing stable.

The four-wheel-drive transmission will be a more difficult challenge. With no system of its own available, Ferrari is expected to develop existing technology borrowed from another car maker, with Mercedes the hot favourite.

A cheaper alternative would be to use Ferrari’s own rear-drive 612 Scaglietti platform. Coupled to a hi-tech traction control system, the running gear could be set up to cope with off-road conditions, but it’s most likely the maker would focus on class-leading handling.

While an SUV from sister firm Maserati was planned, bosses have shelved that idea in favour of a Ferrari 4x4 with a higher price tag. Buyers will be asked to pay well in excess of £100,000. If the F151 gets the go-ahead, the Ferrari will be revealed in concept form in 2010 before going on sale a year later.


Ferrari SUV 2010