Veyron Killer? Meet the Porsche 9ff GT9.

9ff has bred this car for pure speed.
9ff It’s only got a 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged flat-six engine, but it somehow manages to output an impressive 987 horsepower and 710 lb-ft of torque.

That’s 247 HP/liter! The new Corvette ZR1 only produces 100 HP/liter and the Veyron is at 125 HP/liter. This is HUGE power output. Weighing in at 3047 pounds also makes it a light weight contender, a full 1/2 ton lighter than the Veyron. While it looks like a flattened out 911 with the rear bumper missing, it’s aerodynamics are tuned for just enough down force to keep in on the road at 250+ MPH.

While it’s 0-60 time is nearly a full second slower than the Bugatti, it’s 0-186 MPH (300KM/H) is a full 0.6 seconds faster! That means this beast is geared for the top end, which is why it’ll eventually beat out the Veyron traveling at a claimed 254.77 MPH, a hair faster than the Veyron. It’s more exclusive than the Veyron as only 20 will be made, and it’s cheaper speed still, costing a mere £350,000 ($693,

9ff -

9ff -

Click on image above to watch the Youtube video from FastLane Daily
Click on image above to watch the Youtube video



The folks over at 9ff have a serious addiction to speed. They spent the best part of a year developing the original 987 hp GT9. A monster of a machine that they managed to beat down the track at a death defying 409km/h, a good 2km/h faster than the Bugatti Veyron but just shy of the world production car speed record currently held by SSC Ultimate Aero which stands at 411.71km/h(255.83mph).

The GT9 R which boasts a massive power output of 1120 horsepower(835.18kW) and 1050Nm (774.34lb-ft) of toque.